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August 31, 2009. "Lack of translators hurts U.S. war on terror". The Washington Times.


August 14, 2005. "Biometric IDs could see massive growth". USA Today Tech.

August 10, 2005. "Are terrorist cells still in the US?"   The Christian Science Monitor.

August 10, 2005. "Terrorism not on most companies' radar". Terrorism Research Center.

August 9, 2005. "The Web as Weapon". The Washington Post.

August 8, 2005. "Terrorism pushes roots into the northern Sinai". International Herald Tribune.

August 7, 2005. "Commentary: Hunting motives, not just terrorists". International Security Network.

August 7, 2005. "Terrorists Turn to the Web as Base of Operations". The Washington Post.

August 7, 2005. "Why suicide attackers haven't hit U.S. again". USA Today.

August 6, 2005. "Congress' Homeland Insecurity". The Heritage Foundation.

August 4, 2005. "On security, public draws blurred lines". USA Today.

August 3, 2005. "Wider lessons from the IRA". International Herald Tribune.

August 3, 2005. "Security cameras back in demand". The Christian Science Monitor.

August 3, 2005. "Special Briefing: Jihad: Who's joining, and why?". The Christian Science Monitor.

August 1, 2005. "Short Attention Span". American Journalism Review.

August 1, 2005. "Nation unready for germ attacks". USA Today.

August 1, 2005. "Rail-Thin Security". CSO Online.

July 17, 2005. "Suicide Bombs Potent Tools of Terrorists". The Washington Post.

July 13, 2005. "Go on the offensive against Terror". American Enterprise Institute.

July 11, 2005. "Report: Chemical plants threaten cities". Security Director News.

July 11, 2005. "The rationale of terror". International Herald Tribune.


December 19, 2004. "US military mulls expanding spy operations: report".

November 5, 2004. "US faces gap in 'intelligence war' in Iraq." The Christian Science Monitor.


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Home > Terrorism > Terrorism News



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