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Terrorism Bibliography

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FBI Publications

Report to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States: The FBI's Counterterrorism Program Since September 2001. U.S. Department of Justice Federal Bureau of Investigation. April 14, 2004. (PDF).

CIA Publications

Terrorism FAQs. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

U.S. Department of State

Bureau of Counterterrorism and Countering Violent Extremism

Office of the Director of National Intelligence

National Counterterrorism Center

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Publications

U.S. Military Operations in the Global War on Terrorism: Afghanistan, Africa, the Philippines, and Colombia. CRS, Department of State. 4 Feb 05.

Military Publications on Terrorism

U.S. Army, Terrorism: A Selected Bibliography, U.S. Army War College Library, December 2009, 39 pages.

Forest, James JF, Terrorism and Counterterrorism: An Annotated Bibliography, Combating Terrorism Center, U.S. Military Academy, West Point, March 22, 2004, 204 pages.

Air University, Conflict 21 Terrorism Studies - News & Reference, Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama.

TRADOC, A Soldier's Primer to Terrorism TTP: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures in Complex Operational Environments, TRADOC G2 Intelligence Support Activity (TRISA), Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, August 2012. Provides updated terrorism information, vignettes, and descriptions of extremist motivations and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP). Data reflects an understanding and situational awareness of terrorism in a "long war".

Government Terrorism Bibliographies

Terrorism - Archives Library Information Center (ALIC)
National Archives

Terrorism Bibliography - U.S. National Archives and Records Administration

Bibliography on Future Trends in Terrorism, Library of Congress, September 1998, 155 pages. A report prepared under an interagency agreement by the Federal Research Division, Library of Congress.

Magazines and Periodicals

Terrorism Articles. The Economist.

The War on Terrorism.  Collection of features from The Atlantic Monthly and Atlantic Unbound.

College and University Bibliographies

Brown University, Terrorist Financing: Bibliography, Watson Institute for International Studies, September 2008, 52 pages.

Columbia University Libraries, Terrorism: Information Resources.

Harvard University, Relevant KSG Publications on Terror, John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Pace Law School, Bibliography on Terrorism and International Law, Pace University, November 2001

Michigan State University, Terrorism: Reference Resouces, MSU Library.

Private Sector Publications and Articles

Terrorism - International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Countering Terrorism - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Nuclear & Radiological Terrorism - Federation of American Scientists

Terrorism Bibliography - Philosophy Documentation Center

"Al-Qaida: A Chronological Timeline." MSNBC News.

Major Terrorism Events and Their U.S. Outcomes (1988-2001). A research working paper conducted by the Natural Hazards Research and Applications Information Center, Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado.

Terrorism Prevention Handbook. A guide to U.S. government terrorism prevention resources and programs. Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation. (PDF)

"September 11: One Year Later". Web Guide by The Christian Science Monitor.

Understanding Why Terrorist Operations Succeed or Fail. Rand Corporation, 2009 (PDF).



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Home > Terrorism > Terrorism Bibliograpy


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