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Port Sudan

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Port Sudan is a a city in eastern Sudan located on the Red Sea. It has a population of over 500,000 residents. The population consists of mainly Sudanese Arabs with a small amount of Asian and European minorities. It is Sudan's main seaport and most of Sudan's trade comes through this city. View a Google map of Port Sudan.


Port Sudan New International Airport. (PZU). Port Sudan has an international airport that is about 12 miles (26 km) south of the city. Travel time by auto is approximately 30 minutes. Average cost of a taxi (in normal times) is 5USD. See also flightradar24 for Port Sudan airport arrivals and departures. View current aircraft in the air on flightradar24. See Google map of Port Sudan International Airport.

Seaport. The port has a ferry service that connects with Jeddah, Saudi Arabia across the Red Sea. The port exports oilseed, senna, hides, gold, minerals, and skins. It imports construction materials, machinery, vehicles, and other items. It is located about 160 nautical miles southwest of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Sea Traffic. FleetMon provides details on vessels currently in the Port Sudan region.

Road and Rail. There is a paved road that runs to the country's capital - Khartoum. The travel time under good conditions is about 12 hours by road. There is also a rail link to Khartoum; established by the British in 1909 to link the Nile River to the Red Sea. The railway moved Sudanese cotton, sesame seeds, and sorghum from Egypt to export markets through Port Sudan.

Map Route from Khartoum to Port Sudan
Derived from Google Maps

Miscellaneous Info

Tourism. Port Sudan has excellent beaches and is a site for SCUBA divers who take dive excursions in the Red Sea.


Port Sudan by Wikipedia

Port Sudan by Wiki Voyage

Facts about Port Sudan

Port Sudan was built in the early 1900s. An oil pipeline that is over 500 miles long was built between Khartoum and the coastal city in 1977. There is an oil refinery in the city as well. The city has modern docking facilities tha handle the bulk of the country's trade.


Russian Interest. The port is of great interest for the Russians. They have indicated a desire to build a small naval base and station naval vessels at that location. This would give the Russians access to the Red Sea and beyond and provide maintenance for ships traveling in the region. The plan presented in 2020 was for 300 personnel and four warships to be based at the Russian naval base.

Books about Port Sudan

Perkins, Kenneth, Port Sudan: The Evolution of a Colonial City, Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University, 1993.

News Articles about Port Sudan

2021, "Port Sudan caught in the international race to control the Red Sea region", by Azza Mustafa Babikir Ahmed, CMI. There is a lot of international competition to establish a presence and to control some of the economic activities of the Port of Sudan; and by extension, the Red Sea.

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Home > Countries > Sudan > Port Sudan


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