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Starstreak MANPAD

Ukraine Conflict 2022 > Weapons > Starstreak MANPAD

The United Kingdom has supplied the Ukrainian military with its Starstreak man-portable air defense system (MANPAD). This high velocity missile can be shoulder-fired or vehicle-mounted. The anti-aircraft missile is very effective against low-flying jets and helicopters. The short-range missile is manufactured by Thales Air Defence. It's more formal name is the Starstreak HVM or High Velocity Missile.

Starstreak High Velocity Missile
A British Air Defense Artilleryman with his Starstreak High Velocity
Missile System during a military exercise at Fort Bragg, N.C. in 2015.
(photo by Capt. Joe Bush, 82nd Airborne Division)

British troops deployed to an eastern European country to teach Ukrainian troops how to operate the Starstreak missiles. The British have had the Starstreak missiles in their inventory since 1997. It comes in three variations: the self-propelled launcher, the three-round lightweight launcher, and a man-portable launcher.

References for the Starstreak Missile

Starstreak by Wikipedia

STARStreak - Thales

Starstreak High Velocity Missile - Elite UK Forces

News Reports about the Starstreak MANPAD

April 1, 2022. "UK missile shoots down first Russian helicopter in Ukraine war", The Times.

March 28, 2022. "All You Need to Know About the Starstreak Missiles Now in the Hands of Ukrainian Troops", by Thomas Newdick, The Warzone.

March 9, 2022. "Britain mulls giving 'Starstreak' air-defense weapons to Ukraine", Defense News.

Videos about the Starstreak HVM

STARStreak - the fastest missile in its class in the world. Thales., YouTube, Feb 2019.

British Starstreak to Ukraine. The British Starstreak MANPAD has arrived in Ukraine.
Infinity Defense, YouTube, March 28, 2022.




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Ukraine Conflict 2022 > Weapons > Starstreak MANPAD


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