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Patriot Air Defense

Ukraine Conflict 2022 > Weapons > Patriot

Patriot Air Defense Artillery

A Patriot battery deployed to Croatia in May 2021 to participate
in DEFENDER-Europe 21. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Alexandra Shea.

References for the Patriot

MIM-104 Patriot by Wikipedia

News Reports about the Patriot

March 21, 2023, "Ukrainians master Patriot system faster than expected", by Lara Seligman, Politico.

December 22, 2022, "Military weighs training Ukrainians on Patriot in United States", Politico. According to U.S. military officials the Ukrainians completed the training tasks needed for the Patriot at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in rapid fashion.








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Ukraine Conflict 2022 > Weapons > Patriot


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