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UK Challenger 2 Tank

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The Russian war against Ukraine has been a huge conventional fight utilizing large numbers of tanks, APCs, and artillery. It has seen the largest use of tanks in a conflict in Europe since World War II. Up to now, Soviet-era tanks have been used in boths sides of the conflict.

UK Challenger 2 Tank

Photo: Soldiers of 1 A Squadron, Queens Royal Lancers (QRL) patrolling outside Basra, Iraq onboard a Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank during Operation Telic 4. Photo by UK MoD.

References for the Challenger Tank

Challenger 2 - Wikipedia

News Reports about the Challenger Tank

February 14, 2023, "New Challenger 3 tank 'within budget and ahead of schedule'", UK Defence Journal.

January 16, 2023, "300 tanks for Ukraine: who could give it the gear to beat Russia?", Euromaidan Press. This article articulates the need for modern tanks so that Ukraine can push back the Russians from occupied territories. It identifies the German Leopard 2 and US M1 Abrams as the best tanks to fill this need.



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Ukraine Conflict > Weapons > Challenger Tank


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Books on Ukraine Russia War

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