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The UK SF consist of the Special Air Service (SAS), Special Boat Service (SBS), Special Reconnaissance Regiment, and the 18 (UKSF) Signals Regiment. These units are especially trained and equipped to conduct behind-the-lines operatins counterinsurgency, counterterrorism hostage rescue, undercover raids, reconnaissance, and intelligence operations.

The Ranger Regiment was formed in December 2021 and is made up of four Special Operations-capable battalions.

News Reports on British SOF

March 18, 2024, "Ranger Regiment deployed on hundreds of missions since creation", Forces Net.

December 8, 2023, "UK SF: The United Kingdom Special Forces", by Javier Sutil Toledano, Grey Dynamics.

May 22, 2023, "Analysis: the 19 countries where UK special forces have been actively deployed since 2011", Action on Armed Violence (AOAV). A report by a non-profit advocacy group the champions the public disclosure of UK special forces operations.

March 13, 2023, "SRS: The eyes and ears of UK Commando Force", Forces.net. The Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron is primarily made up with Royal Marines form 30 Commando Information Exploitation Group. The unit deploys elements to operate in the deep battle space and perform missions as an early theater entry force.

December 2, 2022, "The Long Range Desert Group was the 'Finest of All Units' to Serve in North Africa", by Rosemary Giles,War History Online.

June 15, 2021, "Book Review - The Long Range Desert Group in the Aegean", SOF News.


KS-1 Assault Rifle. The Royal Marines have a new assault rifle. (Forces News, YouTube, 7 minutes)


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