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Yemen Country Profile

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Yemen Map - Administrative CIA
Yemen Map - Administrative (CIA) (larger image)

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Yemen - Country Summary, CIA World Factbook
Introduction, geography, people and society, government, and economy.

Yemen - U.S. Department of State

Yemen Travel Advisory - U.S. Department of State

U.S. Mission to Yemen (Embassy)

Yemen - USAID

Yemen - Wikipedia

Yemen - Unversity of Louisville Resources 

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CRS Reports

Below are several reports about Yemen that have been published by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). Some of these reports are updated periodically.

Yemen: Conflict, Maritime Attacks, and U.S. Policy, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF12581, February 26, 2024, PDF, 3 pages.

Houthi Attacks in the Red Sea: Issues for Congress, Congressional Research Service, CRS IN12301, updated February 26, 2024, PDF, 3 pages.

U.S. Strikes on Houthi Targets in Yemen Raise War Powers Issues, Congressional Research Service, CRS IN12319, February 9, 2024, PDF, 3 pages.

Iran-Supported Groups in the Middle East and U.S. Policy, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF12587, February 7, 2024, PDF, 3 pages.

Political Transition in Yemen, Congressional Research Service, CRS IN11917, updated April 25, 2024, PDF, 4 pages.

Yemen: Civil War and Regional Intervention, Congressional Research Service, CRS R43960, updated November 23, 2021, PDF, 22 pages.

Yemen: Recent Terrorism Designations, Congressional Research Service, CRS IN11585, January 29, 2021, PDF, 4 pages.

Yemen: Peace Talks and Current Congressional Action, Congressional Research Service, CRS IN11006, updated December 10, 2018, PDF, 4 pages.

Joint Resolution Seeks to End U.S. Support for Saudi-led Coalition Military Operations in Yemen, Congressional Research Service, CRS IN10866, updated March 20, 2018, PDF, 3 pages.

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Reports and Publications

GAO, State and DOD Need Better Information on Civilian Impacts of U.S. Military Support to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, U.S. Government Accountbility Office, GAO-22-105988, June 15, 2022, PDF, 75 pages.

Wilson Center, Who are Yemen's Houthis?, July 7, 2022. Information about and description of the Zaydi Shiite movement that has been fighting Yemen's sunni-majority government since 2004. Has a detailed timeline of the conflict.

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Map of Yemen - Location (CIA)

Map of Yemen - Region (small), (CIA)

Map of Yemen - Administrative Divisions, 1:7,000,000 (CIA)

Map of Yemen - Physiology (CIA)

Map of Yemen - Transporation (CIA)

"Infographic: Yemen's war explained in maps and charts", Aljazeera, February 9, 2022.

Mapping the Yemen Conflict, by Adam Baron, European Council on Foreign Relations, October 2015. 

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News Articles

January 24, 2024, "How a Ragtag Militia in Yemen Became a Nible U.S. Foe", by Helene Cooper and Eric Schmitt, New York Times. The Iran-backed Houthis perfected the tactics of irregular warfare during years of conflict against a Saudi-led coalition. (subscription)

January 23, 2024, "Why the West can't stop the Houthi rebels' missile attacks on ships", by Michael Peck, Business Insider. The Houthis enjoy three advantages: geography, technological, and political.

January 16, 2024, "CENTCOM: Iranian Weapons Seized in VBSS, Two SEALs Missing", SOF News. Weapons headed to the Houthis in Yemen have been confiscated by the U.S. Navy.

February 9, 2021, "Yemen: U.S. Pulling Support", SOF News. The Biden administration has decided to eliminate support for offensive operations provided to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in their fight against the Ansarallah / Houthi rebels in Yemen.

August 2, 2016, "U.S. SOF Once Again in Middle of Yemen Conflict", SOF News. For a short time, the United States had pulled out its special operations forces (in early 2015) but it now appears that a small contingent is back in Yemen. This U.S. SOF element is likely advising the Yemen governmental security forces as well as working in conjunction with units from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

August 5, 2016, "U.S. Conducts CT Strike against al-Qaida in Yemen", SOF News. Al-Qaida continues to be a significant threat to U.S. interests and has had a destabilizing effect on Yemen.

February 11, 2015, "CIA scales back presence and operations in Yemen, home of potent al-Qaeda affiliate", The Washington Post. (subscription)

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Red Sea Attacks (2023-2024)

"Red Sea Attacks", Reuters, February 2, 2024. An excellent graphic presentation of the attacks on commercial shipping vessels and U.S. warships in the Red Sea by the Houthis of Yemen.

Red Sea Crisis - Wikipedia

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