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Home > Country > Gaza Strip

Hamas Attack on Israel
October 2023


Israel Palestine Interactive Map - With Battle Event Notations

Map - GeoConfirmed Israel

Map Gaza Strip - CIA

Map Gaza Strip, CIA, May 2005, 1.37 MB

FlightWare - Gen Gurion International Airport (Tel Aviv) TLV

State of Palestine - Relief Web - October 2023

West Bank and Gaza Maps - University of Texas Map Collection

Map Gaza Strip. Depicts Israeli settlements, Palestinian settlements, and Israeli controlled areas. CIA, 2000. Library of Congress Collection.

Map Gaza Strip. Depicts Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip. CIA, Sep 1984. Library of Congress Collection.

Map Evacuation Zone Gaza Strip - October 2023. CRS, Oct 2023.

Map - Visual Tracker Along Northern Israel Border.


Terrorist Financing: Hamas and Cryptocurrency Fundraising, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF12537, November 21, 2023, PDF, 3 pages.

Israel and Hamas 2023 Conflict in Brief: Overview, U.S. Policy, and Options for Congress, Congressional Research Service, CRS R47828, November 1, 2023, PDF, 16 pages.

Assisting and Evacuating U.S. Citizens Abroad During the Israel-Hamas Conflict and Other International Crises, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF11548, updated October 30, 2023, PDF, 3 pages.

Israel and Hamas October 2023 Conflict: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Congressional Research Service, CRS R47754, October 13, 2023, PDF, 53 pages.

Israel and Hamas: Major Conflict After Surprise Attacks, Congressional Research Service, CRS IN12262, October 10, 2023, PDF, 4 pages.



Home > Country > Gaza Strip



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Books on National Security and Defence

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