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China Country Profile

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Map of China - CIA
Map of China (CIA) - View larger map

Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports on China

China Primer: Illicit Fentanyl and China's Role, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF10890, updated February 20, 2024, PDF, 3 pages.

U.S.-China Strategic Competition in South and East China Seas, Congressional Research Service, CRS R42784, updated February 5, 2024, PDF, 142 pages.

FY2024 NDAA: U.S. Military Posture in the Indo-Pacific, Congressional Research Service, CRS IN12273, October 30, 2023, PDF, 5 pages. Provides information on the 2022 National Security Stratgy and the Pacific region.

China Naval Modernization: Implications for U.S. Navy Capabilities, Congressional Research Service, CRS RL33153, updated October 5, 2023, PDF, 70 pages.

China Primer: China's Political System, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF12505, September 29, 2023, PDF, 3 pages.

China Primer: Uyghurs. Congressional Research Service, CRS IF10281, updated September 22, 2023, PDF, 3 pages.

 China Primer: The People's Liberation Army (PLA). Congressional Research Service, CRS IF11719, PDF, 3 pages, updated September 26, 2023.

Reports about China

Disrupting the Chinese Military in Competition and Low-Intensity Conflict, RAND Corporation, November 2023, PDF, 116 pages. An analysis of People's Liberation Army missions, tasks, and potential vulnerabilities.

Commentary on China

February 12, 2024, "Contrasting Chinese and American Approaches to Irregular Warfare", by Sal Artiaga, Irregular Warfare Center.



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News Sources on China

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History of China


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Culture of China



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Videos About China



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Maps of China

Chinese Overseas Ports. The Council of Foreign Relations has an interactive map that tracks China's growing maritime influence through investments in strategic overseas ports. Users can plot the location of each port and view satellite images alongside detailed information. "Tracking China's Control of Overseas Ports", Council of Foreign Relations, November 6, 2023.


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Home > Country Profiles > China







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Books on National Security and Defence

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