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CRS Reports on Ukraine

A listing of reports published by the Congressional Research Service about Ukraine and the Ukraine - Russia conflict. Some reports are updated periodically.

CRS, Russian Military Performance and Outlook, CRS IF12606, PDF, 3 pages.

CRS, U.S. Security Assistance to Ukraine, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF12040, periodically updated, PDF, 3 pages.

CRS, Ukrainian Military Performance and Outlook, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF12150, updated December 1, 2023, PDF, 3 pages.

CRS, Russia's War on Ukraine: U.S. Policy and the Role of Congress, Congressional Research Service, CRS IF12277, PDF, 2 pages.

CRS, Russia's War on Ukraine: European Union Responses and U.S.-EU Relations, CRS IN11897, updated March 27, 2024, PDF, 4 pages.










Books on the Ukraine Russia War

Books on Ukraine Russia War

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