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US National Security



A listing of podcasts about national security,
defense, and conflicts.


Chain Reaction - Foreign Policy Research Institute

CNA Talks - A National Security Podcast

Cognitive Crucible - Information Professionals Association

Cold War Conversations Podcast. Podcasts and videos about the Cold War era.

DIA Connections

DVIDS Podcasts


Friendly Fire - Navy SEAL Museum

GoodFellows Podcast. Hoover Institution. Features John H. Cochrane, Niall Ferguson, and H.R. McMaster.

Irregular Warfare Podcast - Modern War Institute at West Point

Lawfare Podcast

Middle East Focus - Middle East Institute

Military Matters - Stars and Stripes

Podcasts: National Security - Asia & The Pacific Policy Society

ASPI Podcast - "Policy, Guns and Money", The Strategist, Australian Strategic Policy Institute, ASPI.

PSYWAR - 8th PSYOP Group

SOFCAST - Official Podcast of USSOCOM

SOFREP Podcast

SOFSPOT Podcast - Global SOF Foundation

Special Operations Warrior Foundation

The Indigenous Approach - 1st Special Forces Command

Things That Go Boom - Inkstick Media

















Books on National Security and Defense

Books on National Security and Defence

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